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Forex and Crypto  Trader Si Yuan
Forex and Crypto Trader Si Yuan

Hi, Si Yuan here, I am basically a budding Forex / Crypto trader who is also interested in self improvement. So you will find quite a unique combination of things here. Mainly, I will share with you, books or courses in the area of Forex and Crypto trading as well as self improvement books (regarding trading psychology or otherwise ) However I will mainly focus on Forex and crypto courses reviews, offer my trading diary and links for you to take a look if you want to purchase my affiliate’s courses on this site.

Why I am qualified to share with you these quality courses? It is because I have personally traded with their system and find them to be workable. ( I am still in the process of making my millions :))

And also that I started my trading journey out of an accident and after losing thousands in the markets myself. I was cheated by a so called professional trader out of 2.5 K USD who promised to trade for me but was instead a scammer. Perhaps I may even write a post on them and expose them on this site 🙂 I kept wondering if its possible to really trade using a good system. The result is this site. I have found these courses that are in my affliate page to be the top in the industry.

So enjoy your journey on my site. I will leave you with the fundamentals of trading using market structure, which to me is fundamental stretegy for trading

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