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Social Influence and the Use of Language

Social  Influence is a big word, but it is nothing more than when a person’s behaviours, emotions and opinion are affected by others. It is a subset of human communication. One way in which social Influence can occur is through what Robert Dilts, (an accomplished...

Persuasion 101: What does it take to be persuasive

Persuasion 101: What you need to know [2017] What does it take to be persuasive? Persuasion itself is a skill that can be learnt. But in this day and age it takes more than skills to be really successful in life. While you can develop an exercise on your own, to hone...

2 techniques of Hypnotic Persuasion

by Lim Yuan | Oct 3, 2017 | Posts | 0 comments What is Hypnotic persuasion? It is simply influencing people at a level below their conscious recognition  That Old man in the picture is a master of Hypnotic Persuasion  ....

Top 3 Most overlooked negotiation skills

Negotiating is the foundation of success – whether it is politics, business or even the media, the art of zero-sum negotiation is fast becoming the way to go. Both small-scale business owners and the large businesses are beginning to harness the potentials of skilled...

6 Tips for Negotiating your way to a higher Salary

For some people, negotiating is as easy as taking a walk in the park – these people are the Sharks! They go into a negotiation with an experience packed arsenal and once in, they begin firing off on all cylinders, dynamically adjusting to suit the other party's...

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