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How to Pump up your negotiation skills in 2017

Regardless of what you do or how you do what you do, if you are looking to get better as a person or experience better results as a business, tracking and evaluating your performance is quintessential. This is true for just about everything we do on a daily basis –...

Is Persuasion Evil?

Having Persuasion skill,is evil, is it?   Because as I have said before, persuasion carries the notion that we have been forced to do the things we don't want to do in a very subtle way. (That we do not even realise) Today however let me show you why persuasion...

9 Persuasion Laws in real life scenarios

  I have come up with my own variant of the 9 laws of Persuasion, which I think is more poignant than  Robert Cialdini's more general version. You can see Robert Cialdini's version below in the picture. These nine special laws of persuasion exist which have an...

10 Tips for Successful Negotiating by Phone

  Negotiating is part and parcel of Life  Whether it's getting our children  to clean their rooms on their own accord, or coming  out  with a humongous contract with more details than a politician has “special-interest” donors, our ability to negotiate...

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