Persuasion 101: What you need to know [2017]

What does it take to be persuasive? Persuasion itself is a skill that can be learnt. But in this day and age it takes more than skills to be really successful in life. While you can develop an exercise on your own, to hone your persuasive prowess. It takes what they call sensory acuity and a keen sense of observation.

It also pays off if you know about persuasive writing / emailing    because more and more communications is done over the Internet.

Another issue is the proliferation of videos over the web. You must also learn about persuasive speaking so that you can make use of technology to get your most important point across through social media sites like youtube, facebook or twitter. It is extremely important for us to be able to reach out to wider audiences and let the wider community know of your talents.

As this short post have shown you being persuasive is never only a skill to be learnt, it is basically a combination of different skills namely

  • Persuasive speaking
  • Persuasive writing / emailing
  • Interest to showcase to others the skills of persuasion
  • Persuasive video creation / speaking on video
  • Keen sense of observation

This shows that in order for persuasion to really work, it must be a way of life for the person involved. It is not merely a skill in life. It is an essential skill of life, let me give  you an example of myself in a persuasive scenario. The other day I  was talking to my mum about me quitting my job I began by telling her all the bad things that have been happening to me in the last few months with my current company  showing the course which I wanted to take, and then asked her, what do you think if I quit my current job and take this course, and after which they will help me find a job which I liked?

Guess what? My mum almost immediately agreed with me because I showed a compelling reason to quit (pain point) and then showing her what benefits I can get if I enrolled in the course.  The most basic of successful persuasion is Pain point + Alternative solution that solves that pain point. 

Many people are also in denial and don’t see the need to change, therefore it is also vital that you show them what the area that they need to address and show them it is needful for them to change, otherwise bad consequences will eventually happen.

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