Ebook – How to improve your Negotiation skills and get the most out of any deal


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Have you ever faced an issue with your Buyers and sellers and wanted to be able to negotiate for a better deal?
Do You Want to be able to improve your negotiation skills with others especially face to face so that you can get the best price from your suppliers?
Want to know EXACTLY WHAT to say in a negotiation /persuasion scenario?
Are you finding that most books touch mostly on body language, when it comes to negotiating or persuading another person?

Many books will tell you about how to improve yourself through body language, but not how to be a better negotiator.
This is a practical guide to improve your negotiation skills. It will also teach you on persuasion techniques based on language patterns to further enhance your ability to negotiate and persuade.
In this book:

You will learn:
– what exactly to say in a negotiation scenario
– What it mean when the other party uses a specific sentence
– How to prepare and negotiate for a better deal
– What to expect for different types of Negotiation

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