Social  Influence is a big word, but it is nothing more than when a person’s behaviours, emotions and opinion are affected by others. It is a subset of human communication. One way in which social Influence can occur is through what Robert Dilts, (an accomplished NLP practitioner )  terms as the Sleight of mouth, a term which he improvised from Sleight of hand which is basically a trick employed by magicians. It is often employed by poker cards magicians, who can create an effect of ” Now you see it, now you don’t” often seen in magic shows on television.

The way a sentence is structured can directly influence its persuasive impact.This is what my site exists to help you on. This is true regardless of whether you are speaking in public or writing an article on a blog post. It is when the effect of social influence is at its greatest. This can in turn affect sales.

Take for example, the chef or owner of a restaurant asks you for a feedback on it. You made a comment,” Well, the food is marvellous , but the price is ridiculous!”, this is puts the focus on the price of the food, not just by placing “but” after the positive part of the sentence, which negates the effect of the deliciousness of the food, but  also makes the whole experience in the restaurant negative.

There are basically two basic ways to put the experience back to a more positive light, One way is to substitute the “but” in the sentence with “even though”. Now the whole sentence becomes “Well, the food is marvellous, even though the price is ridiculous.”  Now the see that the focus of the sentence becomes the taste of the food, and not the price, the effect of the cost of the food becomes diminished just by the change of a few words. This is  known as re framing in NLP. To find out more about the reframing technique, you can take a look at this page which touches on my ebook.

The other way to change the effect of a negative sentence is by re-structuring the sentence by putting the good point or positives in the second half of the sentence, The sentence becomes ” The price of the food is ridiculous, but it is marvellous!”. Notice that, somehow the meaning of the sentence change, the focus is again the taste of the food, instead of its cost.

Language itself is so powerful that it can affect social influence. I will share more when the time is ripe. As the saying goes,” History does not make the man, but it is man who makes history.” Go make History, folks!

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