Watch my Friend the World Champion of Public speaking 2016   – Darren Tay use Props as a vehicle for Persuasion!

My friend is the “World Champion of public Speaking “for 2016

Below is my analysis for his speech of why he won

Firstly he did what others did not do

. He used a brief and wore it outside to catch the attention of the audience.

Secondly he used a personal story that connected well with the occasion:


Is the story real? Does it have to be real? Like Negotiation, the other party just have to believe its real.


Whether its a fact or not it does not matter.

Thirdly, he connected well with the core message of his speech.

That is not to allow your inner bully dominate you, but to acknowledge its presence, step out of it and watch it fade away. He re-enforced his massage by using the physical action of taking off the briefs.

His delivery of his message was –  to be frank – weaker than the 2nd place winner. But because his message ties up together better, he won.

Now I leave you to enjoy the speech. You can learn persuasion skills from him.

I also leave with you 2nd place winner, Aaron Beverly’s speech.

You will find what I said is true. Aaron just lost by a very small margin.

I believe.


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