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Forex and Crypto Trader Si Yuan

Hi, Si Yuan here, I am basically a budding Forex / Crypto trader who is also interested in self improvement. So you will find quite a unique combination of things here. Mainly, I will share with you, books or courses in the area of Forex and Crypto trading as well as self improvement books (regarding trading psychology or otherwise ) However I will mainly focus on Forex and crypto courses reviews, offer my trading diary and links for you to take a look if you want to purchase my affiliate’s courses on this site.

This site contain both free and paid resources which will take your trading and self help knowledge to the next level, no matter where your starting point is.

Why am I qualified to share with you these quality courses? It is because I have personally traded with their system and find them to be workable. ( I am still in the process of making my millions :))

And also that I started my trading journey out of an accident and after losing thousands in the markets myself. I was cheated by a so called professional trader out of 2.5 K USD who promised to trade for me but was instead a scammer. Perhaps I may even write a post on them and expose them on this site 🙂 I kept wondering if its possible to really trade using a good system. With the help of my good friend and trading mentor Brandon Oh who introduced me to trading using the Supply and Demand method ,the result is this site. I have found these courses that are in my “All updates”  page to be the top in the industry of trading as well as self improvement.

So enjoy your journey on my site. I will leave you with a quote of someone I admire the most besides God.

A goal without a date is just a dream.
– Milton Erickson  

As you take the courses on my site, spend some time to think why you wanted to trade and what are your goals of trading and set a date by which you achieve those goals. It might be monetary, but think of what you can do for yourself and others with the money. That is the true goal of why you are here on my site.

Forex and Crypto Trader Si Yuan

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