For  new visitors to my site, or whoever are in this trading business, you might already know that they many trading signal channels on telegram. Yes. Tons of the them. The sad truth is most of them are fake. They just want your money. I have tried several of them. It does not seem to  work, you are better off paying for 20 -30 USD one time for any of the courses listed on my site to learn the skill, than pay USD 50 PER MONTH for the trading brat Loi’s signal on gold.. ( You read it right its per month!) I think I paid for at least 2 months and lost over 1K USD following him.

Loi’s telegram, I remember I briefly mentioned about him in one of my other posts. This guy was and still is  a cheat. His prediction of market top for gold was not even close!!!! He supposedly had 12 plus years of experience trading Gold. But to me he has only one year of trading skills repeated 12 times. When I was in his group, he was also boastful, saying to members only he knows where the price of gold will go and the rest are noobs (newbies). He was very rude to those who disagreed with him and even barred people from Singapore Malaysia and Britain joining his group. When I was there, he kept on telling people to hold positions until market top or bottom.  When  I think back now, that was not even trading. He was just using his capital to chase the market, because eventually  it will go in the direction he favoured. That’s just because of normal market cycles.  Another is Kenzo trading , he’s supposedly Loi’s employee who came out on his own) This  one is only a mediocre trader. His signals are not fake but its just normal. Not exceptional.Nothing much to say about him.

All in all, signal channel are again close to scams levels. There are only less than a handful that are real in my opinion

In trading, pride can take away profits. Its like God is in the market. He knows and somehow you will lose the trade. Always be a student of the market.  A trader also has a boss. The market is the boss. Just as in life. God is the boss and your heavenly father, if you’re Christian  If you’re not, your religion will says whatever fruit you sow, you will reap NEVER think you are smarter because it just doesn’t work that way

And a word, don’t trade gold if its you’re just starting out, its a highly volatile asset in term of price. Don’t make the same mistake as me. Till now I wouldn’t touch gold unless there are multiple evidence supporting my analysis I have reduced my risk to reward when trading gold. Gold can make your trading account go bust. Take my word for it.

(In another future post I will be writing about, What’s the similarity and difference between trading crypto and forex and why I am In favour of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Volatilty is one similarity between the two classes of assets.

Having said so much, Is there any channel that really works. Yes, there is. But I know of only one at the present moment (as of 22 March 2021) after more than one year of trading.

Am I going to just tell you guys here? Sorry I can’t because its too valuable a piece of information. I will share with you. But under one condition: Buy any two of my  affliiate’s courses, send me an email. and you can have it. Mind you its a bargain because this channel is FREE!!!! ( I couldn’t believe it either. Once again, got to thank my best friend in trading Brandon Oh,  my brother In Christ  for being so helpful. 🙂 Without him its close to being without God in terms of trading – You’re lost  –  especially if you’re a noob 🙂  hahaha well… that’s just tooting his horn hahaha 🙂

Having said that, any signal is only a guide.l You still have to make your own decision about lot size. and know what you are doing before you take any trade.

That’s all for now folks!

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