First I want to define what facial Micro expressions is.

What is it

Its usually a fleeting response ( usually about 30 secs or less) to the various emotions such as fear, anger, happiness, disgust or surprise that an individual experiences. We cannot easily this because it occurs in such a short time frame ( only 10 percent of people in the world is able to do that accurately) .

Why does it affect our negotiation or persuasion efforts?

The facial Micro expressions mentioned will typically be prolonged especially if the person you are talking to is lying. A good article on this is located here. When a person is lying, you will not be able to persuade him or her.

The degree at which a person expresses his or her emotion whilst in a negotiation or a persuasion setting directly affects the outcome of it.As a person’s facial expression might be hard to describe, it is often based on the kind of “intuition ” we form in our psychological being. However we may be misinterpreting those facial expressions.

In this article, I will sum up some important issues that we might miss on the face and how you can improve on it so that your chances of negotiating or persuading for a better deal is improved:

Culture differences does affect facial expressions.

Someone from USA and another from Japan may have different responses in a group setting, because there is a culture rule that manages the display of such expressions for example the Japanese masked their facial expressions of unpleasant feelings more than the Americans. What is an angry face to an american may be termed as disgust to a Brazilian or it might even not mean anything.

So it is important that you know the differences between the cultures and act according.

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