I recently came across with Falcon Trading. I actually tried out some of the stretegy that they provided. ( I got access through a friend who bought the course) They seem to be very simplistic in their approach to trading, basically they trade without indicators, just pure price action and trendlines, which to me fits my overall trading strategy and I was taught by my good friend Brandon Oh that I should focus on market Structure and price action. That resonates with me.

What I like about their course

I especially like the fact that they teach you that the price action in a rising wedge or falling wedge as well as the ascending channel or descending channel ALWAYS go back to the starting candle which I personally tested It really works 80 percent of the time and very true.

They also that patterns within patterns are great confluence factors which to me makes sense but I have doubts about it because patterns within a chart is very subjective. One can see different things altogether even if both are looking at the same chart.

What I don’t like about their course

However I found out some more experienced traders thought that Falcon FX were a bunch of scammers. I read through his review and found it made a lot of sense. You can read more about his review here. Plus the fees aren’t cheap. Take a look at the screen shot below and you will know what I mean:

Falcon FX trading Review

I live in Singapore and gosh their fees are in pounds!!! How expensive can it get? The further I get into the videos the more I find that they keep rehashing old ideas. And furthermore, they give the idea that trendlines must ” evolve” which I agree but to be frank is nothing new. The price action changes of course the trendline must change. What magic is there? It would seem that they like to give fancy names to an old concept.

All in all, if I were to give a rating to Falcon FX, out of 10 they deserve a passing mark of 5. They are not totally scammers ( like the ones I met, scammers usually ask you to give them money and then they trade for you by depositing a pool of money into a foreign bank in a foreign country), but they are not that professional either, though when you how they present the trades they are quite persuasive.)

* Disclaimer here: My rating is only the view of my own. I am not a finanical adviser. If you decide to sign up don’t come crying to me because trading by nature is very risky. I have been there, and done that

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