High Performance Trading by Steve Ward

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High Performance Trading provides proven practical techniques and strategies to help traders of all abilities, experience levels and styles to enhance their trading performance and psychology.
Based on practical coaching and training interventions, personal experiences, the latest research and feedback, and advice from leading traders, trading coaches and trading psychologists, this book offers something for everyone who wants to become a better trader.
– Discover how to avoid the common pitfalls of trading and how to take the practical steps that can set you up for trading success.
– Strengthen your trading discipline as you discover the art of flawless execution.
– Develop and hone your mental edge through learning to think like a successful trader.
– Programme yourself for trading success with powerful mental conditioning techniques.
– Develop unshakeable focus and concentration and learn how to get into the trading zone.
– Understand how to achieve and sustain a core of trading confidence.
– Learn how to utilise simple techniques to manage your emotional states.
– Build resilience to cope with trading stresses, and pressures and manage losses, setbacks and errors.
– Move towards greater consistency and success in your trading performance.

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