Many people think trading is a matter of learning the technical and fundamental parts of the profession. They think its like a job. Learn whatever there is and trading will be a walk in the park. I used to think the same way too. Clicking buy and sell on MT4. Looking at candlestick charts, indicators and the like. Blah blah blah. Nothing can be further from the truth. Trading actually is an art rather than a science. Although trading does have technical requirements like learning how to use for charting purposes. Calculating your R multiples, your risk to reward etc.whole lots of stuff which I myself don’t even know at this point in time, trading actually at a deeper level reveals who you really are, all your emotions come out at the point of watching that computer screen after you placed your trades. Doubts,anxiety whatever. If you are impatient, it shows up. Do you see the connection? Your inner state of mind directly influences how you trade. That’s why self improvement in terms of trading is more important than any trading system you follow. If you want more guidance in this area, you can check out Mark Douglas’ trading psychology books on my site.

And trading mind you, is not a job, its actually a business, you need cashflow you have “expenses” ( your losses) If you don’t have enough feel free to add. But the more cash you add the more you might lose, and if you lose more and more until its very hard for you to take it any more, your mind will tell you :” Trading doesn’t work. Its the market’s fault, it is out to get me, I quit” ( I ALMOST certainly did.)  especially if you are a noob, like what one of earlier traders I followed, Loi ( aka. the trading brat.) , said. He used indicators and harmonic pattern whatever that makes him appear smart. If you want , you can take a look at his telegram channel. I lost hundreds of dollars paying for his “signals” to trade gold when I was just starting out I can tell you, relying on signals and indicators are really the worst ways to trade, although they are not without value. Now I consider signal channels as just ways for people to legally fleece your money. (Nearing scam levels.) There is no real signal in the markets, you just have to depend on yourself .There are profits for you to take, but it will take years, not just technically but also psychologically before you can be consistent, if you follow whatever that is presented in the courses and books on this site. I myself have not reached there yet.

Well, that’s a long arttcle as a rant. Haha. Just my two cents worth.

See you around!

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